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Ren Cedar Fuller

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          Ren Cedar Fuller was named a finalist for the 2024 Iron Horse Prize for a first book of collected prose. She was nominated for a 2023 Pushcart Prize for her essay, "Naming my Father," which won the 2022 Under the Sun Summer Writing Contest. She was a finalist in the 2022 Terry Tempest Williams Prize for Creative Nonfiction at North American Review. Her essays have also appeared in New England Review and Hippocampus Magazine.

          Ren facilitates parent support groups with TransFamilies, an online hub for families with gender diverse children.

          She taught public school in California, Oregon, and Washington before founding Bellevue Discovery, a nonprofit preschool in the Seattle area. Ren now works as a parent educator and is passionate about helping families support their children's unique paths.

          After retiring from teaching in 2020, Ren began taking writing classes at Hugo House in Seattle. She thanks her instructors Theo Nestor, Sonora Jha, and Beth Slattery for introducing her to the craft of creative nonfiction.

          Ren is grateful the writing friends she met at Hugo House who help her get to the heart of her stories: Darryl, Jeanette, Krista, Lacey, Lynne, Stacey, Su, Uma, Vani, and Zahr.

          She lives in Seattle with her husband, Jason.

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